No Single-Use Disposables

No SUDs (Week 2)

Making it Happen.

Armed with a canteen, mason jars and cloth bags, I attempted to not use any single-use products or plastic. This turned out to be a larger challenge then I had expected. I had lived off the grid in Humboldt County, getting my water from a gravity feed from the river and drinking water from a spring box with solar panels to handle my few electrical needs. With having to take your own trash into the city to dispose of I had perfected the art of bulk shopping. Finding Corvallis OR to have similar co-ops and farmers markets I thought it wouldn’t be that hard for me to return to this ideology.


CC: Danae Zeuschner

I found that unlike my life before, as a student it is hard to not succumb to convince.  Having bought my favorite tea when I forgot my water bottle, I justified it by reusing it for water through out the day and later brewing cold tea in. This turned out to pose an unexpected problem. While reusing the bottle for tea stopped the waste cycle, the individual tea bags did not.  I have reusable tea bags and most of my tea is in bulk, but I realized I’d started buying pre bagged tea and snacks to keep in my locker to get me through school and work without out needing to buy anything on campus or previous planning.

While is a daily struggle that sometimes means going with,  single-use disposables is a concept that the American public is to comfortable with. Since their first introduction as “anti theft” protection due to bulk, people didn’t think about how much trash their daily consumption of products produces. I feel very passionately about the trash in the oceans, and don’t want to contribute to this issue that the whole of modern society is contributing to. There is a Zero Waste movement in Europe that I hope will spread through to mainstream society, for the sake of our oceans and future generations.

You can even take the Zero Waste Challenge


Le Guern Lytle, Claire; last updated in June 2015. WHEN THE MERMAIDS CRY: THE GREAT PLASTIC TIDE;


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